MacMini, the next set-top box?

Ok, not quite programming, but close enough.

I was looking at the MacMini and were I not only invested in using my chipped Xbox with XMBC, I'd seriously consider a MacMini as my Media Center. I mean it's perfect:

  • Has DVI out, easily connectable to my HDTV for high res output
  • Has a DVD player and a DVD drive
  • Is tiny
  • Is ultra quiet
  • Runs iTunes, and all things XMBC considered, iTunes is still the best music player
  • Has BlueTooth for all sorts of remote control options, from Mouse/Keyboard to PamOS to Phone
  • Easily customized via Applescript or perl or even just writing an app in C++, Java, C# (Mono)
  • Easily networked
  • Affordable

Ho hum. But my money is heavily invested in other hobbies already, so this one will have to wait until i can rationalize replace