Remoting and Mono

After my TCP toying I decided to do some Remoting experiments last night. One of my goals with the network programming i'm doing right now is that the business logic of the code should be portable between .NET and Mono. I know Remoting is a probably not the answer there, since it may not even stay compatible between .NET revisions.

Regardless, I tried it out and it worked great between Linux and Windows. Nice, simple elegant (with a fair share of black magic under the hood). The only pitfall I came across was that if you are using RemotingConfiguration.RegisterActivatedClientType(), you gotta make sure that the type you are using comes from the same assembly on the two platforms. I had a bunch of problems because I compiled the Windows and Linux versions differently at first, but then i just copied the Assembly that contained the classes to be remoted to the linux side and compiled against it. That did the trick.

Now, is there something inbetween Remoting and writing my own protocol with TcpClient for doing Client/Server communication? More research for another night.