Track your Head

Ok, more geek, than programming.

Been spending a lot of time with LFS S2 lately. The new Alpha is out and with my tweaked setup for the GTT is finally drivable. I can even drift it a fair amount. Fantastic game!

Well, i took advantage of the discount that LFS offered on the TrackIR Pro. It looks like a camera, and it is one, but for the infrared spectrum. It tracks your heads movements and adjusts your POV in-game. It uses a progressive exageration of your head movement, so only a couple of degrees left of right and you are looking behind yourself.

Tried it out with LFS and the extra immersion is intense. It comes completely natural to you. You just move your head and you are looking in that direction and the exageration doesn't seem out of place. Makes driving a little funky, since you are no longer driving in the direction you are looking, necessarily. Physics feedback be nice, right about now :) Still, i think i'll adjust. Went for a lap with some AI opponents and being able to look left and right and see your opponents going into a turn was a tremendous help. This device kicks ass!