Smartphone, wake up behavior

I've been doing quite a bit of work with the HTC Dash Smartphone. One thing all smartphones (and all phones really) is to go to sleep quickly to save battery. Well, on the Dash, when you push any button, it just wakes up and doesn't act on the button. Seems like the proper behavior, imho.

Then i switched over to the Nokia 2125 and it would wake up and then take the action appropriate for the pressed button. Really? I mean, don't execute an action that I can't even know the effects on until the screen is on and i can see the context. Finding the behavior annoying, I blamed Nokia for creating a bad implementation.

That got me curious, so I took a survey of all smartphones available to me and the 3125, SDA and xv6700 (PocketPC, not Smartphone, i know) all do this. Only the Blackjack behaves like the Dash, and at least in my mind, properly.