LFSLib.NET 0.15b released

Although 0.15b was supposed to be the version that brings LFS proxy support to LFSLib.NET, a crash-bug with AXI & AXO packets forced me to rollback that incomplete code for now and release a bugfix version.

The bugs fixed in this version are:

  • AXI & AXO packets were not properly received and killed the TCP handler
  • Eliminated race condition in static population of encodings
  • Fixed bug with text-less button
  • Socket clean-up in UDP handling could throw unexpected exceptions
  • OutSim & OutGauge used bad buffer sizes if ID was 0 and would throw an OutOfRangeException
  • Close() could throw NotConnected exception, which was useless

The remainder of the changes are clean-up and non-breaking, forcing some more parts of the API into obsolescence.

Full details are in the release notes.

All links, docs, etc are at lfs.fullmotionracing.com