Software Activation vs. Virtualization, Part 3

Part of an ongoing saga.

Rebooted back into VMWare Fusion and yeah, Illustrator Activation was indeed screwed there as well. Office 2007 too, but at least it just let's me reactivate (no doubt noting me as a repeat offender somewhere). So I called Adobe and was told that "it's a sensitive piece of software". No it's not. Illustrator can take any beating you give it.. It's the "anti-piracy" crap that's sensitive. I got an "emergency activation code" to get it going again and was advised to Deactivate before i switch VM setups and then re-activate after the reboot. OMFG. Seriously, just give me USB dongle if you are so sensitive about it. That would be inifintely more convenient.

Dug around the net a bit and it seems that if i fake my mac address to be the same between boot camp and the VM boot, it'll not invalidate my activation. Might try that next. Of course, the same board i found that on also noted that if I just got a crack for my legally purchased product, all troubles would be gone as well. Yes, once again, anti-piracy crap is not stopping pirates but legitimate customers. You'd figure someone might have spotted the pattern here, but may those DRM-colored glasses filter reality a bit too well.