OMFG AppleTV, seriously? Wipe yourself clean, why don't you?

Ok, here's a feature of AppleTV that can only have it's origin in some devils bargain with Content industry: Once you associate an iTunes instance with AppleTV for sync, you better not ever want to change it, because in the blink of an eye, you will staring a freshly wiped HD.

See, syncing means that whatever is on your PC/Mac is also on your AppleTV. So if you remove it from the PC, it disappears from your AppleTV. Ok, fine, a bit stupid a way to do content management on the AppleTV, but maybe i'll buy that it simplifies things, since all you have to do it keep things organized in AppleTV and all is good.

But here' the kicker, you ever change your AppleTV association to another iTunes, all is wiped of the AppleTV after one quick dialog. And no, oh, it's only hidden in case you re-associate because you realize that was not what you meant to do. No, you now get to re-synch 150GB back to your AppleTV. All for a second of misreading a dialog and clicking the wrong button. Wow! Really? That's great UI simplification. User makes mistake, gets to sit around for a couple of hours while AppleTV re-synch.

Any you cannot tell me that the brilliant minds at Apple came up with this scheme because it was just the most intuitive UI they could think of. No, this is all about the content industry being deathly afraid that someone might take their AppleTV to a friends house, copy all his content and then take it back home. As if this assinine sync behavior prevents something like that.

Grrr.. This is just stupid. 8 out of 450 items synced.