Dream for REST and async

I've been doing a lot of work inside of MindTouch Dream as of late over at MindTouch and i'm really digging it. Steve's put together an awesome framework for doing asynchronous programming on .NET and for being able to treat all access as RESTful resources in your server side code.

Now, coming from a very Dependency Injection heavy design philosophy, Dream has been a bit of an adjustment for me, but the capabilities of Dream, especially the coroutine approach for dealing with requests, is very powerful and fairly intuitive, once you get your head around it.

In an effort to ease the Dream learning curve and cement my understanding of the code base, I'll be blogging articles about it as I go along, and cross-posting them to the MindTouch developer wiki as well. My first article was a continuation of Steve's Asynchronicity library series, this one about coroutines (read: yield) in Dream.

I've been using the C# Web Server project for my REST work up until recently, but I'm currently in the process of migrating it over to Dream. It just removes all the legwork and fits much better into the async workflow of the rest of notify.me.

Clearly I am biased, but seriously, if you need to build REST interfaces in .NET, Dream beats anything you can roll on your own in a reasonable amount of time, and definitely is about 1000% more powerful than trying to force WCF down the REST or even POX path.