Maybe I just don't have my feelers in the .NET community like I did in the perl community. Actually, know I don't... Anyway, I think a CPAN for .NET would be a fantastic community to build. looks like a nice site, but it's project oriented. And otherwise, I haven't really found any good aggregators for C#. Sure, there are tons of components, but you gotta google each one.

I'm thinking of a site that's more tightly focused on components. Maybe have a common prefix namespace, then authors would sign up for sub namespaces for their components. You'd have dev and release versions, where a release component projects would have to include nant, ndoc and nunit and have the componnent strongly named. Users could then report back to say whether they were able to build on their system, or even add automated buid/test farms.

Users could then have a certain expectation of what a component from this community archive is like. You'd also have place to start looking for new components. Any time i started something in perl, i first hit first to see if there was something that already did what i needed or provided stepping stones. And i wouldn't get back a list of projects that build some of the pieces i want but tightly integrate them into a project that otherwise doesn't meet my needs.

It would also be a place that keeps you up to date with the development, instead of having to navigate each developers site, hoping it goes you some piece of information on whether the project is alive. You would have RSS feeds, for project status, etc.

So if I just happen upon some free time... Hold on, gotta catch my breath... that one was funny... erm... Anyway, I'd love to build this, but i just don't know when. Maybe i should float the idea on one of the mono dev lists?