Managed Direct3D and World Transformations

I spent some time this weekend playing with Managed DirectX. And I finally figured out a "bug" I've been having whenever i tried to do Direct3D transformations:

Every time I've tried to animate objects, they all seemed to end up moving in lock step. It's got to do with the fact that everything gets moved through world transformations. And every example i found would always go "ok, we'll create an object, and then you do this to move it". Wow, so simple. None of the examples ever did "here are two objects and they move independently". The next step always was "and here is a full fledged game, enjoy going through the undocumented code".

Well, so what happens if you just duplicate the code for the second object and try to move it with a different transformation? Basically, both objects are in lock step. Why? Not entirely sure, of the exact mechanics, but basically the way to fix is to to transform the world back to the origin as the last step. I still don't really understand the mechanics of it all, but that fixes it. So, until i find a better explanation of what happens with all the transformations at the render stage, I'm just happy to go with this.

Realistically, if I was going to go for any serious 3D programming, I'd skip all this base code I'm playing with and just code against Axiom. No point re-inventing the wheel, at least for the level of stuff I'm ever likely to get into.