New LiveForSpeed Lib v0.10b, refactored

Ok, 0.10b of my lib for Live For Speed is out, but it was refactored quite a bit, so it's not a drop-in replacement.

The refactoring was done in order to let the InSim library receive and handle OutSim and OutGauge events. InSim, OutSim and OutGauge are now all part of one library. The OutSim and OutGauge protocols can be used either via their own standalone handlers or received directly via the InSimHandler.

Here are the breaking changes when switching to this revsion:

  • Renamed namespace LiveForSpeed.* to FullMotion.LiveForSpeed.* so as to not monopolize the LiveForSpeed root namespace.
  • Moved LibVersion to FullMotion.LiveForSpeed.LibVersion
  • Renamed LibVersion.SERIAL to LibVersion.INSIM_SERIAL

As usual, docs, sources, etc. can be found here