LFSLib.NET v0.12b (this is a test version)

I've just put v0.12b on the server. This version does bring LFS 0.5X compatibility, but it does not expose the new functionality. The goal of this version is primarily to let 0.11b code work against LFS 0.5X with the least amount of changes (some data just isn't represented the same anymore and caused breaking changes). This version is also ill tested, as I'm not going to go through an exhaustive set of tests until i get full 0.5X feature exposure (yeah, I know, i should be doing this test driven.. But that means a mock LFS or an LFS test harness and I haven't had the patience for that).

So what has changed? Here are the notes:

  • Moved to .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2k5
  • Swapped out back-end for dealing with InSim packets to more closely resemble the native LFS formats and removed the intermediate Msg* classes (all internal changes)
  • Finally mostly functional Unicode support for LFS message in and out transfers
  • Updated existing functionality to work against patch X, with some breaking changes in what is available in Events and how that data is represented.
  • Full patch X protocol implemented, just not yet exposed, so new packets don't come across as unknown packets

An extra note on "mostly function Unicode support". Basically for conversion of unicode to LFS encoding, I am using a lookup table from unicode to codepage+byte and there are a couple of LFS specific characters that screw up under Japanese encoding. And split messages have some issues. This will be fixed in 0.13b.

The new version can be found here and the home of the lib is here