Moonlight at Remix 07

Miguel de Icaza just posted a long entry on a Hackathon the mono team did in the last 21 days to get some version of Moonlight ready for Remix 07 and it looks like they succeeded. Further progress information can also be found on the Moonlight site.

Next to the Silverlight 1.1 alpha which exposes the CLR, Moonlight is probably one of my favorite tech project to follow at this time. I don't even run X anywhere anymore, just using linux for servers, so I don't think i'll ever need Moonlight. But its the availability that has me excited. I am personally rooting for a web programming model that doesn't force javascript on you for client side programming, but I don't think Win/MacOS is "cross-platform" enough to establish this as a norm, rather than a specialty plug-in. I hope Moonlight tips the adoption likelihood in Silverlight's favor.

Currently, I'm mostly waiting for a Socket API to make it into Silverlight 1.1. Once that's available, I'm going to make sure that my LFSLib can run under silverlight. This would open the door for some very cool in-brower LFS admin tools. I also have an internal DirectX implementation of the LFS smx and pth formats for rendering top down views. I've been looking at porting that to WPF, since i don't required 3D and just rendering a plane at this point. If I can reduce it further to the Silverlight Xaml subset, I could easily produce a Silverlight equivalent of LFS Spectator. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Right now I just need to get full patch X support out the door for LFSLib.NET. The protocol is complete now, I just need to complete the TCP code, do some doc clean-up and testing.